Firith Studio is an independent video game studio based out of Akron, OH. Deeply rooted in childhood nostalgia, our goal is to create exciting, wholesome experiences that spark the imaginations of kids and adults alike.


Goodgis is the founder/director at Firith Studio. His love for gaming comes from the many hours spent playing games like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario RPG, Sonic Adventure, and Pikmin. While obtaining his BFA in Graphic Design, he returned to his childhood passion for making video games. Now, Goodgis documents his game development journey on YouTube.


Crepe is the co-founder and Firith Studio's community manager, editor, level designer, and much more. After almost ten years of freelancing in animation and design for clients around the world, he joined his brother Goodgis to pursue their childhood dream. Harkening back to a simpler time, Crepe is inspired by classic games such as Paper Mario, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Link's Awakening.


Bonzo is a concept artist and game designer at Firith Studio. From fighting games to action RPGs, he has a serious passion for understanding what makes games fun. His love for Kirby, Y2K design, God Hand, and obscure Japanese music fuels his creativity. Ever since joining the team back when he was in college with Goodgis, he has played a crucial part in creating new, exciting experiences.


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